Ruling Georgian Dream leaves EU-mediated agreement

The ruling Georgian Dream party says that it was the only which was fulfilling the EU-mediated agreement. Photo: GD press office., 28 Jul 2021 - 15:31, Tbilisi,Georgia

The ruling Georgian Dream party has annulled its signatory status to the April 19 EU-mediated agreement which resolved a six-month political crisis in the country following the 2020 parliamentary elections and proposed large-scale electoral and judiciary reforms.

Head of the ruling Georgian Dream party Irakli Kobakhidze stated earlier today that the agreement initiated by the European Council President Charles Michel ‘had completed its mission’ and accused opposition parties of non-fulfilment of the agreement. 

…the opposition [UNM] party which won the most opposition seats in parliament refused to join the agreement and other opposition parties were consistently violating the agreement, the ruling party was the only which was fulfilling the agreement,” Kobakhidze said. 

He stated that 100 days from the signing of the agreement by the ruling party and five other opposition parties, the country’s international partners ‘do not think it is necessary to strictly demand from the radical opposition to join the agreement and participate in its implementation.’

 Kobakhidze said that holding the October 2 municipal elections under the EU-mediated agreement while opposition parties refused to sign it ‘would be harmful for Georgia’s interests.’ 

Michel watching Georgian political parties sign the agreement proposed by him back in April. Photo: Charles Michel's twitter account.

In this situation, there is no alternative to annulling the EU-mediated agreement,” Kobakhidze said. 

He said that the ruling party is ready to ‘show goodwill’ and accept the conduct of repeat parliamentary elections even if they receive 53 per cent of total votes in the municipal elections, instead of 43 per cent as was proposed in the EU-mediated agreement. 

We will do this if the actions of opposition political parties will show that the political system in the country is ready for an effective coalition governance,” Kobakhidze said. 

 Kobakhidze stated that in the short run the EU-mediated agreement played a positive role and ‘forced’ the opposition to suspend a sabotage against state interests,’that is we are particularly thankful to Mr. Michel.’ 

He said that some of the reforms proposed by the EU-mediated agreement have been carried out and the remaining reforms will be implemented in the coming months. 

Kobakhidze reiterated that the recent conclusion of the parliamentary commission ‘proved once again’ that there was no fabrication of the October 2020 parliamentary elections. 

Opposition parties took to the street following the 2020 elections, stating that the elections were fabricated and were demanding repeat elections. 

The six-month political crisis was resolved by the EU-mediated agreement. 

The United National Movement has not joined the agreement because ‘several notes in it were unacceptable.’