PM Garibashvili pledges implementation of reforms will continue after ruling party’s withdrawal from EU-mediated agreement

Garibashvili thanked European Union President Charles Michel and stated that he did a lot ‘to calm the political situation in Georgia.’ Photo: Irakli Garibashvili/Facebook., 30 Jul 2021 - 14:17, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili said earlier today that the implementation of reforms will continue despite the ruling Georgian Dream party’s withdrawal from the EU-mediated agreement which ended the six-month political crisis caused by the parliamentary elections of 2020. 

The April 19 agreement obliged all signatory parties to participate in the process of fundamental electoral and judicial reforms’ implementation. 

PM Garibashvili stated that the ruling party ‘fulfilled all the obligations unilaterally,’ noting that the opposition United National Movement (UNM) party’s involvement was ‘very important’ for the Georgian Dream. 

"You have seen that an utterly irresponsible attitude was demonstrated by the UNM under the instructions of Saakashvili. Namely, currently the most prominent actor among the opposition parties is the UNM, while the total sum of electoral votes that may be collected by all others is just above 10%. Position of the UNM - being the main opposition and destructive party - was thus very important for us. They deliberately stayed away from co-signing the agreement and completely ignored it, thereby insulting the EU and USA," underlined Garibashvili. 

Garibashvili thanked European Union President Charles Michel and stated that he did a lot ‘to calm the political situation in Georgia. " I wish to use this opportunity and once again publicly express our gratitude to Charles Michel, President of the European Council for being a person, who did a lot for tranquillising our political situation domestically. We thank everyone engaged in this process," said Garibashvili in his comments to Georgian media. 

I want to call on everyone to calm down. We need development now, our people need the stability and development that is essential for our country,” said Garibashvili. 

The ruling Georgian Dream party announced their withdrawal from the agreement on July 28, noting that it ‘completed its mission.’

Several opposition leaders already left their parliamentary mandates due to the Georgian Dream’s decision, while some opposition parties stated that they might boycott the upcoming local municipal elections. 

Charles Michel responded to the ongoing political process in Georgia and underscored that the agreement remains the best way ‘to advance a reform agenda which would strengthen the democratic institutions of Georgia.’

The international community has harshly criticised the ruling party for its recent political act and called on all parties to work together for Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic future.