EU Ambassador Hartzell: happy to see 148 MPs in Georgian parliament

EU Ambassador Carl Hartzell has called upon the United National Movement opposition party to sign the EU-mediated agreement. Photo: EU in Georgia press office., 09 Jun 2021 - 13:01, Tbilisi,Georgia

EU Ambassador to Georgia Carl Hartzell has stated that he is happy that the United National Movement opposition party MPs attended the parliament session yesterday after a six-month political standoff, adding that the presence of 148 MPs in the 150-member parliament allows the state legislature to start working on important issues. 

Hartzell said that now it is significant for the UNM to sign the EU-mediated agreement which was proposed by European Council President Charles Michel back in April 2021 to help Georgian political parties resolve the tension in the country which began after the October 2020 parliamentary elections. 

The agreement covers election related issues, including the issue of repeat parliamentary elections and obliges the signatories to participate in large-scale electoral and judicial reforms. 

The agreement also proposes amnesty for those imprisoned as a result of the June 2019 protests in Tbilisi which were sparked by the presence of Russian MPs in the Georgian parliament.