S. Ossetian side announces ‘humanitarian operation’ in Tsnelisi village, near occupation line

The official statement says that the operation is peaceful. Photo: capture from google maps.

Agenda.ge, 30 Aug 2019 - 19:14, Tbilisi,Georgia

The de-facto South Ossetia ‘State Security Committee’ has announced that a ‘humanitarian operation’ will be carried out in the Russia-occupied village of Tsnelisi.

The official statement does not clearly define what the ‘humanitarian operation’ is though it reads the operation is ‘absolutely peaceful.’

The operation is absolutely peaceful and serves to maintain stability and safety in the region,” the statement says.

The members of the Georgian government and occupation forces of the de-facto Tskhinvali region and Russia have held a meeting amid tensions along the occupation line in the Russia-occupied village of Tsnelisi today.

After the three-hour meeting was over, the Georgian and Ossetian sides made different statements.

Head of the Georgian Security Council Kakhaber Kemoklidze said the meeting participants were unanimous, saying the situation should be de-escalated, adding the meeting was held in a ‘constructive environment.’

While the Georgian officials say the parties have agreed on de-escalation and the checkpoint issue was not discussed during the meeting, ‘President’ of de-facto South Ossetia Republic Anatoly Bibilov stated that the demand on dismantling the Georgian police checkpoint remains unchanged and negotiations will continue.

He has also said that the situation is currently stable in the area, adding the Ossetian side will also construct a checkpoint in Tsnelisi to ensure the safety of the population.

The meeting took place after the Ossetian side yesterday called on Georgia to dismantle the police checkpoint in the village of Chorchana, near the occupation line by 06:00 AM on August 30.

The Georgian government did not give into the demand.