Police report ‘no trace of violence’ on body of 23-year-old girl found dead after five-day search

Tamar Bachaliashvili went missing on July 18. Photo: Tamar Bachaliashvili’s Facebook page.

Agenda.ge, 23 Jul 2020 - 18:03, Tbilisi,Georgia

The Georgian Interior Ministry has reported ‘no injuries, wounds or other trace of violence’ on the body of Tamar Bachaliashvili, a 23-year-old IT specialist who was found dead in her own car yesterday, after a five-day search.

The ministry says that an autopsy is likely to provide an answer as to the reason behind her death. 

A ministry spokesperson stated earlier today that Bachaliashvili bought medicine a day before going missing, on July 17, and that she had a psychologist who has already been interrogated. 

The family says that Bachaliashvili was ‘very successful in her job’ and that ‘suicide is impossible.’

However, they also said that she was ‘frequently irritated and on edge’ due to her job. 

Police have already seized Bachaliashvili’s computer from Zeg IT company where she has worked since 2017. 

The company has no webpage or a local PR as they ‘exclusively work for the US.’ 

The company director told the media that Bachaliashvili resigned last week as she also studied at Tbilisi State University and ‘it was hard for her to study and work at the same time.’

Local media outlets say Bachaliashvili may have had some other job or also worked freelance, according to her Linkedin account. 

The family has accused the police of being late in searching for the girl. 

They say that Bachaliashvili’s car was found by a local shephard near a central road, in Tetritskaro municipality of central Georgia.

We addressed the police on July 18. If they had used drones, they would have found the girl earlier,” said Bachaliashvili’s uncle. 

The Interior Ministry said on July 22 that they would use a helicopter to find Bachaliashvili.