Opposition slams gov’t coronavirus anti-crisis plan

On Friday, Georgian government introduced a plan to gradually open the economy step-by-step over the next three months. Photo: Government press office

Agenda.ge, 26 Apr 2020 - 14:25, Tbilisi,Georgia

A number of opposition parties have slammed the Georgian government’s recently announced anti-crisis plan aimed to counter the coronavirus pandemic. 

One of the leaders of Lelo for Georgia, Badri Japaridze disapproved of the plan, saying the money allocated for people who lost their jobs ‘is not enough’. 

Japaridze considers that the government’s decision to distribute 200-GEL assistance to families during six months is part of the ‘election schedule’ as Georgia will hold parliamentary elections this autumn.

He said, this money should have better been divided into three instead of six to enable the families recover from the economic challenges soon. 

The leader of New Georgia, Giorgi Vashadze said that with their ‘non-proportional and irrelevant restrictions’ within the state of emergency so far, the government has damaged the economy and left hundreds of thousands of citizens unemployed. 

Therefore, the leader of European Georgia, Giga Bokeria considers that the government’s anti-crisis plan is ‘late, non-transparent, full of harmful ideas and inadequate’. 

Calling the government’s anti-crisis plan ‘propagandistic’, the United National Movement member Roman Gotsiridze said the government should have introduced its plan to the parliament before the approval.

Photo: Government press office

On Friday, Georgian government introduced a plan to gradually open the economy step-by-step over the next three months. The plan includes supporting business owners, commercial banks, agriculture and economic of the country during the crisis. 

Meanwhile, some 350,000 citizens, who lost their jobs because of the coronavirus crisis or are on unpaid leave will receive 1,200 GEL (about $376.77/€349.37) over the course of six months, which is 200 GEL (about $62.79/€58.23) per month.