‘I came to answer to your pressing questions’ – Interior Minister addresses opposition in parliament

  • The opposition has been demanding the interior minister address parliament. Photo: Interior Ministry press office.

Agenda.ge, 21 Dec 2018 - 18:20, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Interior Minister Giorgi Gakharia appeared in parliament today to answer the “pressing questions” of the opposition.

Most of the questions asked during the session concerned the high-profile murder case of two teenage boys last year, election-related incidents, crime statistics, the detention of Ukrainian citizens and juvenile convicts.

Speaking about the murder case of teenagers in a school brawl in December of 2017, Gakharia stated that the investigation is in progress and that the parliamentary investigative commission chaired by the opposition has failed to fulfill its major role in this regard.

The commission failed to answer the main question: whether the absence of necessary investigative procedures after the crime was deliberate or not. The commission failed to say whether certain public servants committed a crime or not and opposition members used the tragedy for political speculation,” Gakharia said.

Minister Gakharia told lawmakers that the number of grave crimes have decreased in Georgia. Photo: Interior Ministry press office. 

Gakharia stated that he belies that several necessary investigative activities were not conducted after the crime.

However, it still remains unanswered why this took place. I think that the investigation should start in this regard and I will be one of the first who will give testimony,” Gakharia said.

Answering questions regarding the election and inauguration related violations Gakharia stated that 26 individuals have been charged with election-related crimes and “most of the individuals who have been charged  are supporters of the Georgian Dream ruling party.”

He also responded to the opposition’s criticism regarding the detention of their member David Kirkitadze for abusing police on inauguration day by saying that “everyone, no matter whether they are a member of the ruling team or the opposition or anyone else, will be held accountable for abusing police and will be strictly punished for this.”

Gakharia said that crimes committed against property have increased and the ongoing reform in his body served the aim of meeting  this and other challenges.

Nothing genione has been done in the criminal police in the past 25 years and the reform we are carrying out will put everything in order. However, this needs time. We will continue to release crime statistics to have a real picture of what is going on regarding crime,” Gakharia said.

To the question as to why Ukrainian citizens were detained in Tbilisi after the presidential elections, Gakharia responded that the people “had specific professions and they could be involved in certain unpleasant situations”.

“They have been detained for prevention.14 other individuals were detained at that time as they could have created threats to public safety at that time,” Gakharia said.