Georgian officials highlight country’s safety for locals, visitors

Georgia has been ranked fourth in Europe in terms of perceived safety when walking alone at night, the global database Numbeo said in its latest update of 2023 figures. Photo: Tbilisi City Hall, 13 Feb 2024 - 18:01, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Deputy Interior Minister Aleksandre Darakhvelidze on Tuesday said official statistics produced in the country as well as evaluations of authoritative international organisations confirmed the quality of safety and security in the country was “high”.

He said the number of crimes reported across the country was decreasing, with the latest figures published by the Ministry showing 64.87 percent of registered crimes had been solved by investigative agencies in 2023.

Germany included Georgia in the list of safe countries last year. In the Global Index of Law and Order, published by an important authoritative research organisation [Gallup], Georgia is ahead of such successful European countries as France, Italy and others”, Darakhvelidze said.

The official added law enforcement agencies were “constantly working” to ensure both citizens of the country and foreign visitors “feel safe”.

A World of Statistics post on X on Sunday showed Georgia ranked fourth in Europe in terms of perceived safety when walking alone at night, based on the data of the global database Numbeo.

Croatia claimed the highest position, followed by Slovenia, while France ranked at the bottom of the list, alongside Belarus. 

Mamuka Mdinaradze, the Executive Secretary of the ruling Georgian Dream party, said “such specific central indicators” by international organisations and statistics agencies meant indicators of the country's “success”. 

When the modern, civilised world considers that Georgia is in the top five in this ranking in terms of security, it means the greatest success of the country [...] This is the result of development, reforms [and] progress”, Mdinaradze said.

Aleksandre Tabatadze, the First Deputy Chair of the Defence and Security Committee of the Georgian Parliament, said “all conditions” had been created in Georgia for the safety of locals and visitors.

He named openness of the law enforcement system in combating crime, “unprecedented” increased rate of solved cases and their “effective” prevention among factors contributing to the outcome.