Court sends businessman Davit Kodua to pre-trial detention for violence against his wife, daughter, 14 Apr 2021 - 17:53, Tbilisi,Georgia

Businessman Davit Kodua, brother of ex-official Erekle Kodua, has been sent to pre-trial detention for violence against his wife and daughter.

Kodua told the court that the conflict between him and his wife ‘was motivated by jealousy’ and that her wife was not physically assaulted by him.

At today’s trial, the defence demanded that Kodua be released without a restraining order, while the prosecution demanded the use of pre-trial detention.

The judge said that the defence could not convince him that no criminal action had been committed by Kodua.

The testimonies of police and doctors, as well as the injuries, give a basis to assume that violence has taken place”, said the judge.

Today Kodua’s wife, Natia Gedevanishvili and daughter, Kato Kodua told local media outlets, that there was only verbal confrontation on the night of the incident, due to which they demanded to issue a restraining order against Davit Kodua.

Gedevanishvili also said that she has not changed the testimony given in the police department, however, it is strange that police have changed the testimony and that 'it does not reflect reality'.

If convicted, Davit Kodua faces from one to three years of imprisonment.

Police detained Kodua on April 12 in Tbilisi for domestic violence.