President Zurabishvili to pardon Mtavari-TV co-founder Rurua on April 27

The presidential pardon aims to return the country and parliament 'to a normal political situation'. Photo: IPN, 21 Apr 2021 - 21:34, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili has announced today that she will pardon opposition-minded Mtavari Arkhi TV co-founder Giorgi Rurua on April 27. 

Zurabishvili had stated earlier on April 19 that she would pardon Rurua if Georgian political parties signed the renewed EU-proposed agreement and if opposition MPs entered parliament. 

She noted in a statement today that while the political parties have reached the agreement and publicly signed the final document, the opposition will enter the state legislature on April 27. 

Therefore, the Presidential Pardoning decree will be issued the same day”, President Zurabishvili wrote in Facebook.

The Georgian President also said she decided to pardon Rurua 'in order for the country and parliament to return to a normal political situation'.

Salome Zurabishvili has tweeted on April 19 that: