Georgian economy minister sums up 2020

Georgian Economy Minister Natia Turnava has summed up the activities of the Ministry of Economy in 2020 today. Photo: Ministry of Economy., 14 Dec 2020 - 19:23, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgian Economy Minister Natia Turnava has summed up the activities of the Ministry of Economy in 2020 today.

Turnava informed the public about the ministry's participation in the process of managing strict and point-based restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic and said that a number of electronic platforms have been set up for this purpose.

We have created a business visitor management platform which despite the restrictions and pandemic allowed us to ensure the safe arrival of business visitors and investors. About 18,000 applications have been processed through this platform and it is still functioning today”, said Turnava.

Another project that Turnava noted in her presentation was 'Remotely from Georgia' which allows foreign citizens to travel and work remotely from Georgia.

Turnava said that about 1,000 permits for foreign citizens to enter Georgia have been issued within the project.

In 2020 despite the pandemic we continued to reform, improve the efficiency of our services, and create a more comfortable and attractive environment for businesses and investors", said Turnava.

Photo: Ministry of Economy.

Turnava also talked about another new programme that was created this year 'State - Your Partner', which allows individuals to receive state services and information in 81 community centers and 24 justice houses in more than 100 settlements throughout Georgia about programmes to help start or assist new business. 

Turnava said that active reforms have been carried out in the privatisation of state property.

In particular two different organisations have been structurally merged: property management and financial services agencies, and now movable and immovable property is managed through a single window", said Turnava.

Turnava said that this year mining deposits were offered to businesses for privatisation in addition to other state-owned assets offered through the new programme “100 Investment Offers for Business”.

Within the programme, mineral resource deposits are selected from around different regions of Georgia and are sold on e-auction.

Photo: Ministry of Economy.

Turnava said that this year the state programme 'Produce in Georgia' had become one of the strongest levers of business assistance, especially for the sectors affected by the pandemic. 

In 2020, despite the pandemic, 78 new projects were funded, with a total investment of 161 million GEL. Also a competition to support micro-entrepreneurs was held for which a budget of about 40 million GEL has been allocated", Turnava said.

She said that the renewed credit guarantee programme supported small and medium sized businesses this year which operate in sectors where loan issuance is restricted, or do not have enough property to secure a loan. Turnava said that 121 projects were supported as part of the programme this year.

Turnava also talked about the reforms implemented in the energy sector of Georgia. 

She said that all the necessary legal bases for the implementation of the energy reform have been completed, an energy exchange has been established, which is functioning in a test mode this year.