Japanese wine company makes wine with Georgian qvevri wine-making method

Tokachi Wine first produced Georgian wine in 2000. Photo: the Hokkaido Shimbun Press.

Agenda.ge, 17 Nov 2020 - 12:09, Tbilisi,Georgia

Japanese wine company Tokachi Wine has released a wine made in the Georgian wine-making vessel, the qvevri, per the Georgian traditional method, announces the Embassy of Japan in Georgia. 

Tokachi Wine first produced Georgian wine in 2000. 

Qvevri wine-making is practised throughout Georgia. Knowledge and experience of qvevri manufacture and wine-making are passed down by families, neighbours, friends and relatives, all of whom join in communal harvesting and wine-making activities. 

The wine-making process involves pressing the grapes and then pouring the juice, grape skins, stalks and pips into the qvevri, which is sealed and buried in the ground so that the wine can ferment for five to six months before being consumed.