Georgia and Bulgaria sign an agreement on the regulation of labor migration

This opportunity will be used not only by the employees but also by their family members. Photo: The Ministry of Health, 30 Sep 2019 - 18:49, Tbilisi,Georgia

An agreement of regulation of labor migration between Bulgaria and Georgia was signed within the framework of the first official visit of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy of the Republic of Bulgaria, on September 30.

The agreement was signed by Georgia’s and Bulgaria’s health ministers, Ekaterine Tikaradze and Biser Petkov.

Biser Petkov stressed the importance of the agreement and spoke about its benefits at the working meeting in the Ministry of Health:

This agreement will have a very positive impact on the citizens of both countries. We will be able to exchange qualified staff. They will be employed in those jobs where there is a lack of staff. Georgians in Bulgaria as well as Bulgarians in Georgia will be able to work for one year, though they will be able to extend their term up to three years. This opportunity will be used not only by the employees but also by their family members, said Biser Petkov.

Within 6 months after the agreement enters into force, both sides will continue to work on the preparation of the document required for the operation of a specific temporary legal employment scheme between Bulgaria and Georgia.

The process will create the opportunity for Georgian citizens to temporarily hire qualified workers from highly demanding professions in Bulgaria.

Implementing an active employment and labor market policy, including opening up temporary employment opportunities for Georgian citizens abroad is one of the Government’s priorities.