Georgia extradites ethnic Chechen Russian citizen with terrorism charges to Russia

  • Ramzan Akhiadov does not admit to the crime., 20 Sep 2019 - 00:12, Tbilisi,Georgia

Georgia has allowed the extradition of an ethnic Chechen Russian citizen Ramzan Akhiadov to Russia, who was charged with terrorist activities and recruiting people for Islamic State between 2013 and 2015 by the Russian Prosecutor’s Office. 

The extradition took place earlier today, Georgian Justice Minister Tea Tsulukiani confirmed, stating that Georgia had received guarantees from Russia that Akhiadov will face no threats in prison. 

Akhiadov, 39, had lived in the Georgian city of Kutaisi over the past two years, with wife and four children. 

A lawyer says that he was detained in December 2018, when a patrol policeman accidentally found he was wanted by Interpol. 

For me, as for a former lawyer of the European Court of Human Rights, protection of rights of each citizen, no matter their ethnicity, is of top importance. We have demanded security guarantees for the detainee and received the guarantees,” Tsulukaini said. 

The Georgian Justice Ministry says that they will monitor how the guarantees are met. 

Akhiadov does not admit to the crime and says that he might be tortured or killed in the Russian prison.

The member of the European Georgia opposition party Elene Khoshtaria has criticised the government for the extradition, saying that it was a ‘pro-Russian’ decision and ‘giving a man to be killed.”